Roman Hill Primary School

Inspiring Achievement

Year 1

In Year 1, we use the Collins phonics-linked books to support reading. Collins are offering these as FREE e-Books for children during school closures to support reading at home.

Click here: Link to FREE Collins e-books





1L Mrs Leach
1MC Mrs McCann
1A Mrs Alden and Mrs Foster                            

Learning Support and Teaching Assistants:
Miss Denny

Mrs Summerton

Mrs Segarceanu

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Saridas

Mrs Carroll

Mrs Blanchflower

Supporting your child and us:


Start of the day The school day begins at 8.40am when the children will enter through the side door outside 1MC, they will go to their classrooms and get ready for the day.


Collection of children at home time This year we have many more children in Year 1 which is great! However it does make home time challenging in terms of pairing children with parents/carers.  We would ask that you help us to ensure all the children are safely collected from school by: * Waiting for the teacher to send your child to you OR if your child has gone over to you *Letting the teacher know that you have taken your child.


Things to Do At Home At present the only homework we set for the children in Year 1 is to read at home daily, however you may wish to do some extra work with your child to support their learning.  For this term, we suggest you focus on handwriting and help your child to write their letters correctly, using the guide provided.  For numeracy we would like you to help your child read, write and order numbers to 10 and beyond. There are educational websites so if you are interested we would be happy to direct you to relevant sites.


PE The children will have two PE lessons each week, one inside session and one outside session. Our PE sessions are on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Please name each item in your child’s PE kit.  For health and safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery, including earrings and long hair must be tied back during PE lessons.


Lost Property Please ensure that the name of your child is in all the clothes they wear to help with lost items. If you find that your child has lost an item of clothing and it is not in the classroom please check at lost property inside the reception area. 

What we are learning about:

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