Roman Hill Primary School

Inspiring Achievement

P.E. Premium


The sporting legacy created by the Summer Olympic Games in London 2012 has had a lasting impact on pupils at a primary age. London 2012 generated plenty of interest in sport and, in 2013, the Primary School PE and Sport Premium initiative was put in place to capitalise on the enthusiasm generated with the idea that all young people should have the opportunity to live healthy and active lives. A positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age can build a lifetime habit of participation.


At Roman Hill, we utilise the premium in an array of different ways. Our main focus has been to increase our extra-curricular provision offer to all students, ensuring sports clubs remain free of charge to our pupils whilst they experience an array of opportunities in different sports and activities out side of school hours. This is alongside being involved with a rich school sport programme involving competitive sports competitions and fitness festivals with other schools in our area.


Sports equipment has been purchased to introduce new sports and non-traditional activities, such as: Tchoukball, Spike-Ball, Kin-Ball, American Flag Football, VX, Tri-Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Panathlon, Boccia and other inclusive games.


CPD opportunities are also offered to members of staff to up-skill them in new activities which can be offered as school clubs or used in Physical Education lessons. These are just some of the ways we have positively utilised the PE and Sport Premium to offer positive experiences to our students and secure a legacy of active and enthusiastic students as a result for London 2012.

Year 6 Swimmers


We provide Years 5 and 6 with swimming lessons each year, and to support in closing the gaps that arose from COVID-19 we also offered swimming lessons to our Y4 pupils last year. Being a coastal town we recognise the significance of being a confident swimmer and see this as a vital part of our curriculum.


Last year, our assessments outlined: 

  1. 43% of Year 6 pupils could confidently swim 25 meters.
  2. 61% of Year 6 pupils used a range of strokes confidently and fluently. 
  3. 68% of Year 6 pupils  were able to perform a self rescue.