Roman Hill Primary School

Inspiring Achievement

Ethos and Values

At Roman Hill Primary ….

  • we all work to create a school which is a happy, caring place where pupils feel secure and safe
  • we value all pupils as important, equal members of the school community
  • we have high expectations and encourage all children to succeed to the best of their abilities through a broad and balanced topic based curriculum
  • we encourage pupils to develop an awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle
  • we ensure that all adults in our school are fair, consistent, encouraging and compassionate
  • we share the responsibility for education with parents, teachers and the community
  • we help pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds
  • we aim to create independent, self-motivated children who will be effective members of the community
  • we celebrate the success of all children, both in school and in the community
  • we maintain a secure and happy learning environment, which supports effective learning and teaching