Roman Hill Primary School

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School uniform 
We expect all pupils to wear our school uniform and are proud of how smart they look when in school and when representing us in the community. The following items are available from our approved stockist: 
Screens, Rant Score, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 1TY
Tel: 01502 581010


Click below for website:


  • School Sweatshirts
  • Cardigans
  • School T-Shirts
  • Caps
  • Book Bags
  • PE Bags
  • Water Bottles


Prices can be obtained from the website.

Alternatively, children are also permitted to wear school uniform purchased elsewhere, without a school logo.


Please ensure that all uniform complies with our uniform list below:


Girls Uniform – Everyday Wear


Blue school sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without school logo)
White polo shirt
Dark Skirt/Trousers
Summer clothing – blue striped or checked dress
Sensible, hard-wearing black shoes


Boys Uniform – Everyday Wear


Blue school sweatshirt (with or without school logo)
White polo shirt
Dark trousers
Summer clothing – dark shorts
Sensible, hard-wearing black shoes


All items of school clothing need to be clearly marked with your child’s name.

PE Unifrom


White T-Shirt: Plain white t-shirt/ Plain white Sports Tops without logos (Computer games, social media, TV programmes etc). PE T-shirts are available from Screens and plain white t-shirts can be purchased from school office (subject to availability).

Black Tracksuit bottoms/ jogging bottoms/ Skort/ Sport leggings/ Shorts without logo (Computer games, social media or TV programme logos etc).

Trainers: Trainers preferred over plimsolls for weather purposes and ankle support.

School Jumper/ Navy Blue or Black Hooded Top without logo (Computer games, social media, TV programmes etc). Zipless tops preferred to tops with zips. In colder weather, PE will be inside and will include activities (Such as gymnastics) where zips can cause damage to the skin




Ear Rings: Ear rings should be removed for PE lessons. Where a child cannot take out their own ear rings independently, the ear rings should be removed before the school day by the parent/ adult.

Exercise Trackers may be worn at the discretion of the teacher. This will be based on an activity by activity basis.

Hair bands: Students who have hair long enough to tie back will require a hair band for PE lessons and sports clubs to reduce the risk of injury.