Roman Hill Primary School

Inspiring Achievement


At Roman Hill, we aim to prepare children for life in modern Britain.

We teach the values associated with this, through an exciting and enriching curriculum in all year groups.

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A variety of topics and themes are covered in each year group, where children will be taught set objectives in line with the national curriculum. Different classes may approach tasks in a variety of ways and this allows us to provide an enriching and exciting learning experience. The learning experience is further enhanced with a range of school trips and visitors.


As a school, we use the Little Wandle program to teach Phonics. You can read more about the program with this link:


We have a broad range of books to cater for the interests of all children, rather than using a particular reading scheme.  Books are colour banded to meet individual children’s needs.


Teachers and TAs regularly read with children at school and books go home daily to encourage parents and children to read together.


Have you ever thought, “They don’t do maths like when I was in school,” or “I wish I knew how to help my child with calculations”?


Below is our Maths Calculation Policy, which explains how we teach your children at Roman Hill Primary School.


PSHE at Roman Hill Primary


PSHEe – This stands for Personal, Social and Health Education.  At Roman Hill, we have added a small ‘e’ at the end of this acronym.  This stands for ‘Safety when using the Internet.’


PSHE is a non-statutory subject.  This means that we can develop a curriculum which enables our teachers to deliver high-quality PSHE lessons, which because of our PSHEe programme, are tailored to the specific needs of their children. We give our children a good understanding of risk, for example, and help them acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to make safe and informed choices.


Our school uses the Jigsaw PSHE scheme. For more information about Jigsaw, click on the links below:.

British Values and Social, Moral, Social and Cultural Development


At Roman Hill, Physical Education (PE) is underpinned by a progressive curriculum, which allows learning in the physical, social, cognitive and affective domains. Students are offered the opportunity to enrich their physical literacy journeys through a series of activities which promote free movement, skill development, creativity and cognitive awareness, all taught through a series of sports and physical activities.

You can find out more about the 2014 National Curriculum here