Roman Hill Primary School

Inspiring Achievement


Every child at Roman Hill takes part in a 6-week block of activities that extend above and beyond the normal offer at the school during the school day. These sessions will be from 9-10am every Monday morning and they promise to be an incredible opportunity for each and every child and the perfect start to a school week.  


Children choose what they would like to sign up for, and attend those sessions for six weeks! 

Curriculum Offer

We have identified curriculum links for all activities which are part of the enrichment offer. The activities are designed to expand cultural capital, and provide opportunities to develop life skills in a forum that is safe and fun for pupils to engage with. Our pupils are excited to attend school on a Monday morning, and are delighted to share their experiences with their peers when they turn to class. 

Examples of the curriculum mapping for enrichment opportunities can be seen below: 

Take a look below at what’s on offer! 

Enrichment club 

What’s on offer? 

Who and where? 

Art club 


Learn to draw still life images. 

Mrs Beck and Mrs Uzma 



British sign language 


Learn the basics of British sign language and communication.  

Mrs Manthorpe and Mrs Gardner 



Craft for reception, year 1 and year 2 


Come along and join in with some hands-on craft activities. 

Miss Hemmings and Miss Long 


Magic Room 

Craft for years 3, 4 5 and 6 


Come along and join in with some hands-on craft activities. 

Miss Ellis and Miss Broxup 



Crime scene investigation 


This enrichment club will be a chance to experience the science behind life as a crime scene investigator across the school site! 

Mr Lee and Miss Allen 



Crochet for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 


Come along and learn the basics of crochet. 

Mrs Rose and Mrs Kinney 


School library 



Learn some functional fitness and take part in the workout of the day!   

Mr McGuiness and Miss Marta 


Gym hall 



Learn the basics of dance, learn a dance routine and choregraph own routine to perform in school assembly!  

Miss Daniels and Miss David 


Dining hall 

Diamond art 


Come and experience a different style of art by trying diamond art!   

Mrs Sawyer and Mrs Lindley 





Learn the basics of drama, acting and work towards a mini performance!   

Miss Adams and Mrs Tibble 


Music room 

Escape room 


Complete the mission by thinking outside of the box to escape the room... a test of skill and logic.  

Miss Hemmings and Mrs Barnes 



Film club 


Learn to be a film critic and review the latest Disney offerings!   

Miss Carter and Mrs Robb 



Garage band 


Garage band – where coding meets music! 

Mr Lack and Mr Bedward 



Knit and natter 


Learn how to knit and maybe even chat... 

Mrs Casey and Mrs Foster 



Make and munch 


Come along and learn some basic cooking and baking skills. 

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Bircham 



Model construction 


Do you want to join in and create models using lots of different resources? 

Mr Moore and Miss Segarceanu 



‘Old school’ games and songs 


Come and develop your turn taking and sharing skills with same games and songs from the past! 

Miss Clarke and Mrs Leech 





Are you ready to transform into a school photographer? Come and learn with us! 

Miss Gillard and Mrs Davey 



Recycling rebels 


What can we make out of other people’s rubbish whilst doing our bit for our school environment? 

Ms McCann and Miss Denny 



School choir 


Join us in learning to sing a range of different songs ready to perform at the end of the 6 weeks! 

Mrs Ward and Miss Woolley 



School newspaper 


A chance to become a journalist and help document life at RHPS... one for the writers!   

Mrs Youngman and Mrs Desborough-Willaims 



Sensory play for Reception, year 1 and year 2 


Come and experience a range of activities to engage and explore the senses. 

Mrs Cone and Mrs Tame 



Sensory circuits for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 


Explore a range of active sensory activities such as craft, movement moments, games to ignite the senses and guided relaxation.   

Mrs Snowling and Miss Parkin 


Rainbow room 

The Harry Potter experience 


Join Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and take part in potions, herbology, charms and much more! 

Mrs Robertson and Miss Buckenham 



Uniform services 


Learn the ropes in a range of uniform services. 

Mr Barber and Mr Dawson 



Woodwork workshop 


Making various items using wood and natural materials such as bird boxes and photo frames.   

Mr Coote and Miss Hetherington 





Enjoy traditional yoga activities to build strength, improve flexibility and make your body fitter and healthier. 

Mrs Taylor and Miss Hill