Roman Hill Primary School

Inspiring Achievement

Junior Road Safety Officers

Hello, we are Roman Hill’s 2021/2022 Junior Road safety Officers (JRSOs), Ava, Charlie, Shai and Unique. 

We have a very important job. We work together with children and staff, the local community and Suffolk County Council to help promote road safety. 

As part of our job as JRSOs we run competitions and events, so make sure you check this page regularly so you don’t miss out! 



What do you call a robot driving a car?

A road-bot!


Why did Adele cross the road?

To sing hello from the other side! 


Why did the bee cross the road?

Just bee-cause! 


Why did the apple stop in the road?

It ran out of juice! 

The egg and helmet experiment!

Still image for this video
Our JRSOs show why it's important to wear a helmet.