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Our EYFS YouTube Channel!

Mrs Lloyd has prepared some wonderful videos to support your child’s learning at home. Please visit our EYFS Home Learning YouTube channel to learn more about Beginning to Blend and Letter Sounds with Actions!


We look forward to working with your child and are sure they will settle in well. It is going to be a great year, and we hope you are as excited as we are about your child’s start in Reception.

This section will tell you all about some of the things that happen in Reception at Roman Hill Primary School. As always you are welcome to come and chat to us and ask any questions that you might have. The best provision for your child can only be achieved through a partnership between us; the Reception staff supporting your child in school and you as the most important people in their world.


Key workers
All children are allocated a Key Person who:

  • is a named member of staff who has more contact than others with your child;
  • is someone to build a relationship with you and your child;
  • helps your child become familiar with our provisions;
  • meets your child’s individual needs and care needs;
  • responds sensitively to your child’s feelings, ideas and behaviour;
  • is the person who acts as your point of contact.


What is the Foundation Stage Curriculum?


Primarily, it is a play based curriculum where children learn through play enhanced with adult led and focused activities. Their curriculum is made up of three Prime areas:


• Personal, Emotional and Social Development – PSED
• Communication & Literacy – CL, and
• Physical Development – PD


And four Specific areas


• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

Our Long term plan
Our planning is child centred, driven by individual’s interests and next steps. The only fixed topics are transitional provision and key seasonal themes & celebrations such as, Diwali, Fireworks, Hanukah, and Christmas.


What do we do in our Reception sessions?


‘Hello!’ – This is possibly the most important part of the day when we welcome the children into school. The children self-register and quickly explore the morning activities.


Carpet time – At the start of each session, we have a carpet time where we talk about how we are feeling today and share any important news. We then discuss the activities which have been set up for the children to explore, the exciting activity we want the children to do with an adult and what other activities the children want to do today.


Getting Busy – for the main part of the session this will involve:

  • Child-initiated learning – children independently engaged in their own learning. This can involve exploring, creating, role playing, etc. but without the intervention of an adult. This is where the adult can observe how the children are moving on in their learning and find out what adult led learning needs to be planned for.
  • Adult Led learning describes the children involved in activities that have been set up by adults and where children are interacting with an adult who is leading their experience.
  • Adult-focused learning describes the ‘Must do’ activities which are carefully planned to move the children on in their development and have quite specific learning intentions.
  • Phonics will be delivered daily and is an important part of a child’s development. Before reading and writing children need to learn key skills.
  • Maths will be delivered each day in small groups where your child can practise and expand their mathematical skills.



Support with Reading
Being able to read is very important but it starts with understanding that print has meaning; that books contain stories and information and that information can be found all around us. For example a child recognising the golden arches of the MacDonalds’ sign is early reading and a key milestone in their development. Continue to share books with your child, model reading and talking about stories, ask your child about the stories we share in school and whether they have a favourite one or one they don’t like as much. These are all really important experiences for children and for us to share with them.


Home reading books
Your child will be bringing home a book from our library to share with you. We would really appreciate it if you could talk to your child about the book and return it everyday in their book bag so we can read with them at school. The books will be changed regularly.


Reading and Maths café
Each term we hope to have a Reading or Maths Café in Reception. This is where we will invite you in to school to share an activity your child.


Stay, share and play sessions
We feel the best way for you to see how your child is developing in our Reception is to come and visit. We would like to invite you to come and stay for part of a session, for as long or short a time as you would like to enable you to play alongside your child, watch them interacting with their friends and meet and chat through your child’s learning journey with your child’s key worker. So that we do not overwhelm the children we offer this in groups of 4 to 5 parents at a time. You will get a slip to let you know when you could come but please feel free to let us know if the day/time is not convenient.


Support with Writing
It is very important to value children’s writing because this is an area of learning which some children find particularly daunting. Praise any mark making and encouraging your child to write lists, cards, letters etc with you. We love seeing these at school too.


Independence– PLEASE allow your child to practise putting on their own coats (zipping up & down), getting dressed and undressed, wiping themselves and washing their hands when they have used the toilet.  Allowing children to be independent helps children to develop self esteem and pride in their achievements.


Toileting and messy play

Unfortunately, because our Reception can be so exciting, children can leave it a little too late to make it to the toilet on time and although we remind them regularly the children may well still have accidents. Also when exploring and playing with paint, mud, sand, water, shaving foam, flour etc the children will get messy – even when we wear aprons.

We do have a limited selection of spare clothes but sometimes struggle to find something suitable. (Thank you so much to those of you who have washed and returned clothes borrowed in such incidents – we are very grateful). If possible however, it would really help your child if they already had some spare clothes with them which they could easily change into.


Creating Partnership
Your child’s learning is a partnership between you and us. We LOVE being able to share any achievements on our WOW display. These are bright slips of paper with space to record important milestones for your child. These are shared in our Reception assembly and displayed proudly on our special board so please share these with us – slips are always available. We love celebrating achievements both in and out of school and this really helps to boost how a child feels about themselves both now and in the future. Alongside this please let us know about changes in circumstance or anything that may unsettle your child and any concerns you may have. The best way to support your child is for us to work together to give them the best experience they can have. 


Start times & Attendance

Be on time – School starts at 8:45 am until 3:15 pm.

All children are handed over and met at their outside Reception doors. Being on time gets the day off to a good start and sets a positive pattern for the future. Being late can be embarrassing for both parent and young person and can damage a child’s confidence especially when they miss vital information and instructions for the start of the day.

Medical Appointments and Illness – If your child has a routine medical appointment can you please ensure that these are made out of school hours. If this is not possible, please provide the school with evidence to support this. If you child is absent due to illness, please telephone the school to let us know.

Holidays during term time – The current law does not give any entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during school time.

Staying for Lunch
Every day we provide the children with a healthy snack and drink of either milk or water.
Lunch time – The children can have hot school dinner or a packed lunch provided by you.
All children in Reception and Key Stage one are entitled to a FREE school meal.

Behaviour Policy This is what we use with all of our children in the EYFS – we learn that our rules help to keep us all happy and safe in school.






Class Teacher
Mr Lloyd



Meerkats – Mrs Audièvre-Ward
Owls – Mrs Lloyd
Tigers – Mrs Wilson

Teaching Assistants
Miss Hetherington                                    
Mrs Tame

Learning Support and Teaching Assistants
Mrs Butcher
Mrs Cone
Miss Denny
Miss Farr
Miss Blanchard


Help and Donations
The children love to get creative, making things with junk and we always welcome donations of boxes, tubes, yoghurt pots, lids, and newspapers. If you have anything else you feel may be useful at schools such as old toys or unwanted dressing up clothes, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff, your junk is often our treasure!
We will keep you updated with news and information throughout the year, but if you have any questions, please let us know. We are here to help so, please feel free to contact us!


We hope this information is useful and look forward to working with you.